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Market Access

Keir Qld brings consolidated and efficient access to the local construction industry. We are 100% locally owned and operated and have an established long-term relationship with the majority of the trade contractors and suppliers across North Queensland.

Delivery Certainty

The labour demands in Cairns can be volatile and capping labour escalation can be a real challenge. Keir QLD are in a position to provide a sustainable labour workforce based in Cairns with trade skills matched to the job, all without a reliance on Recruitment and Labour / Trade Skills companies.


Capability & Cost

Keir Qld has large-scale (Tier 1) contractor experience and capabilities, whilst maintaining the efficiencies of an appropriately resourced local business. Our personnel have major project experience both locally and across all the major Australian centres, however our overhead structure is geared towards project delivery without the corporate burden. We realise that lower trade and supplier costs, through very efficient construction delivery and ease of business, provide benefits from better trade market pricing.


Local Expertise & Local Industry Knowledge

Our combined experience provides exceptional local industry knowledge, regional logistics management, and control over the associated building risks. Our people understand the most efficient and suitable operational methods for the tropics and provide the best building cost and performance outcomes.


Accreditation & Certification

Keir Qld has developed and implemented our own internal Quality System and have been previously accredited as a Queensland Government Pre-qualified Contractor. Keir Qld are committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace for all employees, contractors, associates, and visitors. Keir QLD has a formal WHS Management System and Project Safety Manual developed on ISO 14001.



The Principals of Keir Qld have strong reputations both locally and nationally. We have demonstrated high-performance in delivering many of the most difficult projects to the Cairns region, as well as remotely across Northern Australia and the Torres Strait.


Mobilisation & Project Alignment

Because Keir Qld is a locally established company, there are no mobilization costs. Being well established in the Cairns region, we are able to respond immediately to project requirements.


Local Business Benefit

Whenever Keir Qld is engaged on a project, the benefits to the local community and businesses is immediate and ongoing. Our business and financial base is in Cairns, which means that the profits stay in Cairns and are reinvested locally so that these economic benefits of engaging a local business are ongoing.


Post Construction

As a well established Cairns company, Keir QLD can provide long-term post construction services and support thanks to our ongoing local presence.