10,000m2 processing facility to produce select mushroom varieties for growth, processing , packaging
and export to international market.

The pre-construction phase was extensive and our team embarked on a complete review of the principals
existing project documentation including services and building concepts. The building and logistics of the
site were initially secondary to defining the energy demands of the facility which includes over 80% of the
floor area as temperature controlled environment and coldrooms. The resultant energy needs of the
project then drove the services provisions, power generation solutions and building design. Alternative &
renewable opportunities have been provisioned along with a purpose design and construct solution for
the mechanical & refrigeration system for hyper efficiency and low power demand utilising ammonia.

The site logistics require construction camp accommodation, site concrete batching and materials and
supply management and storage. Due to market escalation across steel and reinforcing along with supply
chain constraints early procurement was planned and executed resulting in construction delivery and cost
certainty. The mushroom processing equipment has been manufactured in Switzerland and its
installation and commissioning will be co-ordinated with the building works.