The Trinity Ford Showroom & Service Centre Project was a Design & Construct Alteration & Refurbishment Project. After several projects for this client we were engaged to deliver the Ford ‘Brand@Retail2’ Dealership Upgrade based on Performance Specification provided by Ford Australia. The Specification was specific and had to be incorporated into the existing showroom, service centre and used car sites. The design required extensive existing structure investigations and the production of as built plans to provide the basis for the new design which included a ‘back to shell’ strip out including façade and shop fronts. The sites are attached to other works showroom sales and service areas so the job had to be staged and delivered in a live environment. Concurrent with this work our clients accepted other value add work whilst the opportunity was there to fully redevelop their mezzanine office and administration areas to provide a planned layout, energy efficient services and improved amenity and use. Overall the building over the years had been altered many times from its original portal frame workshop buildings, this phase of the building work provided our client to redress the site as a whole after the various ‘add on’s’ over the years.